The Truth About Success.

I really wish women in positions of power were more transparent with the question,noun_66723_cc

“How did you make it?”

Typical answers include:

“I worked really hard.”

“I never said no and always seized all opportunities presented to me.”

“My boss gave me a chance.”

The truth is that success is really dependent on the 3rd answer – “My boss gave me a chance.”

You can’t get ahead in your career unless someone gives you an opportunity. Someone needs to trust you and your abilities enough to give you a chance to take the next step that will elevate your career – whether in a company or building your business. You can blaze your own trail but make sure that along the way you enroll people in your vision.

How do you do this? In the words of a good friend, “Find your tribe.”

I know from personal experience that I’ve only gotten ahead when someone has encouraged me and offered me opportunities to get ahead. If I’m in a place where I don’t have someone who is invested in my success then I see my opportunities pretty much disappear and my professional life become stagnant.

Surround yourself with supportive people you can relate to and who can relate to you. This can be a professor, a friend, a boss, co-worker or someone that you meet at a networking event. Build relationships, it’s crucial to your success. You can work tirelessly to prove yourself but if the people around you don’t have an interest in seeing you succeed then it’ll be difficult to make it.


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