The New Year – From the Black & White Mindset to the Grey Perspective

Happy New Year!

Sending all of you so much health, love, blessings, success, and happiness!

The Grey Perspective

I’m really excited for 2017, but I have to be honest, that wasn’t always the case. I always looked at the New Year as the end instead of the beginning (very Capricorn pessimistic of me) – endings use to make me feel a bit anxious and nostalgic. This year is different, I feel like I shed old skin and am looking forward to all the new possibilities that life has to offer.

What changed? My mindset. Even though I’ve always experienced so many blessings and successes in my life, I was holding on to a belief system that didn’t work for me anymore. I’ve always been really hard on myself, extremely diligent, and saw everything as black or white. Yes or no – never “maybe” but I learned that the grey is okay too and grey doesn’t mean ambivalent. It means OPTIONS. Life doesn’t have to be either-or, it could really be everything in between.

It means that you get to write your own story and that you’re no longer beholden to the expectations and projections of others.

Now, I will say this, having the black & white mentality did help keep me on track with my goals and minimize distractions, but as I get older, I realize that things aren’t as simple anymore. So when life is much more than getting good grades – the grey mentality is necessary to really thrive and accept when life is beyond your control.

Being in the grey means embracing the uncertainty of life while showing up as your best self.

Society conditions us to want to control and create order but life doesn’t follow the straight and narrow and you shouldn’t either. Instead, be in a state of fluidity. Keep your eyes and heart on your desires and goals all while adjusting to your present circumstances. This doesn’t mean lose sight of your vision but rather think about how you can handle the present so that it serves your future.

For my college ladies, this might seem foreign to you but that’s because despite your personal circumstances, you really only had one responsibility and one road to success – school. School is linear. You do well, you’re promoted to the next grade. You do bad, you’re left behind. Once you graduate college, the world is the “wild, wild West.” Full of nuances, unexpected opportunities,lay-offs, nepotism. I don’t say these things to be negative but rather because I wish someone would have told me that you’re not just going you graduate college, get a job, work hard, and get promoted. There is so much more that goes into being successful and sometimes you’ll be on track and sometimes you won’t. Sometimes opportunities will land on your lap and other times they will seem beyond your reach but never give up on what you want because whatever grey area you’re thrown into, it will only prepare you for your greatness.


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