The New, Big Picture – A Bigger and Bolder Vision with a New Look.

New Vision. New Look. #womenwhowill

I have always felt a strong bond to my fellow women and acknowledged, early on, how society pitted us against each other; indoctrinating in us, “Women are each other’s worst enemy.” In my experience that is absolutely not true. My whole life, I’ve been loved and uplifted by women and so it was impossible for me to understand when I’d hear women tell me that they don’t like women. In my mind, I’m like, “well, you don’t like yourself?”

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that this mistrust of women is entirely created by society and is part of the systemic oppression of women. We are so powerful and so amazing that in order to keep us from rising to our full potential and power, the patriarchal society has divided us, knowing that if we come together we would take over.

I decided to start Women Who Will over 4 years ago, inspired by my Wellesley College experience. The purpose of Women Who Will then, was to help women finish what they start, providing them with concrete steps to reach their goals. That mission was great then, but it needs to be so much bigger now.

What do I mean by that? We need to band together and create a cohesive connection that will shift and shape, not only our personal journeys, but the world (think about how men look out for each other and have managed to stronghold leadership across the globe and time). With that in mind, Women Who Will has a new mission – to create a transformational sisterhood. Not only will Women Who Will empower and help women achieve their goals as individuals but it will also strive to change the divisive messages sent to women.

While this is the big picture outlook for Women Who Will – our goal is to work with young, college-age women who come from inner-city neighborhoods and low-income backgrounds. Women Who Will will provide them with the information and support to help them achieve their goals as well as let them know that they have a sisterhood that will support and stand by them in their journey.

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