Just Take the Feedback. . . And Sometimes Try It.

JUSTI’m glad that I’ve learned – at what I consider to be an early age – how to receive feedback. Whenever someone gave me a suggestion, I would automatically get really defensive (and I still get a little defensive) but for the most part I hear the person out instead of automatically shutting down. I can’t say that I’ll immediately apply their advice but at the very least, I listen.

Why have I decided to make this shift?

  • I don’t know everything.
  • Everyone’s insight has value.
  • You can’t see your own blind spots but someone else can.
  • They might be giving you a smarter and easier way to achieve something.
  • If they are doing big things, maybe you should listen them

To succeed in life, yes, it’s important to have a firm and unwavering mission of what you want to achieve but the journey there is not always what you envision. Someone might offer you resources or advice that can elevate your vision and goals. Every person offers value and an unique perspective. Be open to receiving the feedback because you never know what possibilities it can create!

I invite you to try it out.

Be open to at least hearing people out. It actually takes less effort to just listen.

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