Are you a Boss Lady? Figuring This Out Will Determine Your Success.

I started Women Who Will five years ago with the intention to empower women to live the life they want. It was about motivating women to create concrete steps and plans to create prosperity.  It was about guiding women in becoming finishers i.e. for women who finish what they start. It was based on inspiration, faith, and the law attraction.

But Women Who Will has evolved.

Today Women Who Will is about being real with a side of inspiration and a huge dose of empowerment. It’s about keeping you focused on your goals despite your 9-5 and being real about the role your job plays in creating fulfillment and happiness in your life.

Women Who Will wants to help you navigate your career in a way that reflects who you are at your core and unapologetically embracing the life you want for yourself. Being honest and steadfast about these two things should be the guiding principles for your career choices.

We all have to work some way, somehow – it’s how society is structured – so the question is how do you make these 8-10 hours WORK FOR YOU and, ultimately, help you get to your ultimate happiness and goals?

Before you answer this question, you have to approach work by identifying who are:

Are you a Boss Lady?

Boss Lady: You want to create the rules, be the ultimate decision-maker and don’t anyone to tell you what to do.

Are you a Major Manager?

Major Manager: You want to take the helm of an organization/company that is already established – moving up the ranks and creating impact.

Are you a Consistent Contributor? 

Consistent Contributor: You want a steady role that leverages your talent and contributes to the vision of an established company; helping others achieve their goals

Once you establish which of these you are – everything that you do needs to work towards your identity. You’ll only be happy if what you do is focused on fulfilling your essence.

If you’re a boss lady, your job should help you create your business. Whether it’s saving so that you can start your business, creating a network that can help you set up your business or being a consistent contributor at work so that you have the time to take all the classes and do things that will get you closer to being a boss lady.

If you’re a Major Manager, then you need to find your tribe. You need to find a company that aligns with your value and mission. You need to focus on working smart, learning the company politics, and getting acquainted with the requirement and people you need to get ahead.

If you’re a Consistent Contributor, then you need to find a company that you’re passionate about. You have to care about what they do and like your position in the company.

Being honest about who you are and what you want is the key to your happiness and fulfillment. Don’t let other people’s expectations deter you from making choices that work for you. Don’t let a job or its promises pull you away from you want. Explore the opportunities but make sure that they align with your core and your goals.

Who are you?

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